Why Moody’s Mediterranean

Since opening the doors of our first location in 2018, Moody’s Mediterranean is set out to be the NEW KIND OF TASTY in the quick-service restaurant scene. By providing delicious, authentic, fresh made right before your eyes Mediterranean cuisine with exceptional customer service that will keep customers coming back for more.

Moody’s Mediterranean is a household name for healthy, delicious, well-valued, authentic Mediterranean cuisine made from fresh high quality ingredients. Our continued commitment to the integrity of our products, our outstanding guest experience and the value provided, has made Moody’s Mediterranean a favourite and go to restaurant for many.


Interested in owing your own Moody’s Mediterranean franchise location?
Here’s how the process works:


Submit an application to see if Moody’s Mediterranean is the right fit for you.


We discuss the application in detail and start developing a franchise plan.


We find a location in your preferred market. Then we start building and construction.


Congratulations! Now your open and have the support of a great team and franchise.


We provide a turnkey operation that includes finding a location, negotiating the lease, designing and construction.

Moody’s Mediterranean is always working on new ways to keep customers coming back to your location. That means testing and developing new products for your store.

We provide a 4-week intensive training program that teaches you the foundations of running a store, from service through to recruitment. After that, you’ll have access to on-going mentorship, coaching and support our corporate team

Educating and training franchisees to ensure they’re ready and have the knowledge they need to meet our standards for quality, value, cleanliness and customer service, and to operate successfully.

Our purchasing power gives you access to high quality ingredients at the lowest possible cost, without having to negotiate with suppliers. And they’ll be shipped directly to you when you need them.

Moody’s Mediterranean targeted advertising program ensures a high result for every store. From in-store signage and promotions to on-going franchise wide campaigns, our marketing program keeps your business at the front of your customers’ minds.